Pros and Cons of Reading Online

There has been much debate regarding whether e-books are of the same quality as real books – much the same as with Health Lottery Promo Code. There is some overlapping between that issue and the one I want to discuss with you today – reading books online. What are the ups and downs of scrolling through your favorite titles?


It’s Green

As an avid reader, I would argue that the best thing you could do with trees, apart from leaving them alone, would be to process the wood into books. However, this is where e-books and, by extension, online books, have the upper hand in the matter.

There is much less pollution when it comes to producing e-books than regular hardcovers and paperbacks. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is no pollution at all – after all, your device does leave a carbon footprint, but it is greener than reading a book.

It’s Abundant and Time-Saving

Reading online offers a much wider selection of authors and titles than your local library, regardless of where you live. You can compare authors with similar ideas side by side without losing hours on end researching the bookshelves, making it so much easier to write term papers or simply read up on your preferred topic.

You are likely to find books that have been banned or simply unavailable in your region in their original editions, with the option of acquiring commentary on the different versions of the same text. You can learn so much more about prose, poetry, technology, history, and a plethora of other topics online.

It’s Affordable

Borrowing a book from an online library and downloading it to your device may even be more affordable than buying it outright, depending on your region. Furthermore, there are thousands upon thousands of free books online, and I’m not talking about illegal downloads and torrents, but real free e-books for anyone to enjoy. Any work becomes an open license after a certain time, meaning that you can enjoy some of the greatest works of literature without having to pay for them.

Font Change

You can zoom in and out and select fonts that are attuned to your needs. Granted, this doesn’t work with all books online, but it is a great source of relief for people with poor eyesight. We no longer have to give up reading as our hobby when we reach a certain age.


It’s Not the Same

I’m going to have to be honest here – I am biased. I prefer paper books. I like their weight in my lap, I like turning the pages myself, and I love the smell of books, whether they are old or new.

Reading from my tablet, Kindle, phone, or desktop computer is amazing, but it just doesn’t fit the image in my head that involves snuggling under a blanket.

I admit that tastes differ and that this might just be my own preference, but I’m putting it out there.

It Hurts Your Eyes

This largely depends on how much time you spend reading and how low you can set the brightness levels on your device. However, there is no denying that reading books from a screen of any kind provides more stress for the eyes than their paper counterpart.

Strings Attached

Depending on the site and the online library/bookshop you are using there may be a few strings attached. Maybe you will have to sign up for a relentless newsletter you can’t get rid of. Maybe you will need to open an account and opt for additional services you don’t need or want. All of these can be avoided by signing up with your library.