Young Adult Fiction – Growing in Popularity

Fiction work has always been fun to read. Fiction work comes in many different shapes, sizes, and genres. Genres are important, because they determine, to an extent, who is going to read a book. 

Well, genres can tell a certain story and give us a certain layer which the literature should not stray too far from, they can also simply be used as a setting.

Young adult fiction novels have become really popular lately. They are not a novel category by any means, dating back to the 19th century, however, they were not really developed and popularized until recently.

Here are some reasons why young adult fiction is becoming more popular.

Bridging the Gap

Children’s novels are far too simple for adolescents, while adult novels might be too much. This is where YA novels come into place, slotting in that period of emotional turbulence, known as adolescence, which targets people aged 12 to 18. 

Since these novels are directly aimed at adolescents, they are likely to be more popular with an adolescent crowd. However, some YA novels have topics that are far too mature to be considered a teen novel. Regardless, due to the age of the characters which correspond to those of the readers, relating to the characters is easier.

The Gap is Not Just Age-Based

There is often a gap that is not only based on age. An older person may be an avid video gamer and similar in many regards to an adolescent reading the book. YA books changed over time to accommodate current topics. Writing about working on a farm in the early 1900s is not the same as writing about an adolescent struggling to find followers on social media, or rather, struggling to find a real connection. Today’s YA novels deal with today’s issues and circumstances, making them very attractive to the target audience.

YA Novels are Diverse

Belonging to a certain genre does not mean that all the novels deal with the same topics. Some deal with the topic of first love, others with growing up in the world, friendship, and identity. These are the common topics. The setting, however, can be as different as you can expect it to be, from medieval towns bound in fantasy to sci-fi futuristic megacities. This diversity in topics makes YA works even more interesting.

Problem Novels

These types of novels deal with realistic problems, such as poverty, drugs, and pregnancy. These types of novels resonate with a younger audience because not all readers are looking for adventure. Some want to know what is going on in the world and prefer to read about said problems through works of fiction.

YA novels are becoming more popular and these have been some of the reasons why.