What is Sports Tourism?

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Sports are often best experienced in person. This requires travel, even for local events. This is why sports tourism has become important lately. Let us explain what sports tourism is and why it is important.

Sports Tourism in a Nutshell

Sports tourism is basically having to travel to attend sports events, whether if you are a competitor or if you are a spectator or anybody involved in the organization of the said events.

Sports tourism has been around since sports have been around, but the term is fairly recent. Sports tourism sees athletes, their teams and spectators travel all over the world to attend sports events. Athletes and their teams are on the competing side of things while spectators go for the joy of watching their favorite sport/team/athlete live.

Sports tourism can be local, but it can also be international. Attending the Olympic Games involves a lot of travel for most people. Watching the NBA finals or the FIFA World Cup live also requires travel. This type of sports travel is very important.

Why is Sports Tourism Important?

Sports tourism has many economic benefits for all parties involved. Organizers benefit from all the tourists and all the media attention. The very city and country where the sports event is organized also benefits from this type of tourism. They get an influx of tourists who are going to spend money purchasing anything from food to accommodation, to gifts and trinkets. 

The sport itself benefits from tourism, whether it is the athletes who travel, or even more, the spectators. People bring attention, and that means money. Advertised products will be sold and there will be an overall increase of revenue. For sports, media attention is more important. The more fans are watching, the better for the sports in question.

Stagnation and Growth

Sports tourism suffered, as did almost all sports, due to the 2020 pandemic, which to this day still has an effect on almost all industries. Sports have recovered after a while and with restrictions being lifted, to an extent, travel has resumed. Sports tourism will be able to head into a direction of growth, after a period of stagnation. 

The countries with the most sports tourists are often those in Europe, as well as the United States. They have had the most income from sports tourism.

Asian and Pacific countries are probably going to experience a growth of sports tourism in the following years, or rather, a decade.

The Future of Sports Tourism

Some argue that sports tourism might not be heading towards a bright future, with more sports embracing VR broadcasting. There are people who are not into travel and prefer watching sports from the comfort of their homes.

Others, they are more ambitious that sports fans will want to watch their favorite athletes and teams play live, and will travel the world, if need be, to experience the events live.

One thing is certain, sports tourism has many benefits and we are likely to see it becoming more popular.